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I brought in a client with 3,280 photos on his MacBook Pro. He wanted to unload some to have more storage space on his computer.

Well, there are several ways to do this. If you shop at Costco, you can pick up an inexpensive three-terabyte external hard drive. Once you have connected the hard drive by plugging it into the USB port, it will appear on the desktop as a new hard drive icon. Now open the Photos app, select the desired pictures by holding the Command key and start clicking pictures with your mouse. You can also click Edit at the top and choose Select All if you want to copy everything. When you’re done, click Edit at the top and choose Copy. Now click with your mouse on the icon of the new hard drive on your desktop. Click Edit at the top and choose Paste. Whammo — your selected photos are now copied to the new hard drive. This is probably the easiest way to copy your files, and you can go back and delete them from your Mac.

Another way is to use iCloud Drive to store the photos. Most of the time you have to buy more gigabyte space which is not really expensive. But there is a hidden trick to keep all your photos on the Mac and still have plenty of space.

Your computer will show all your photos, but the ones you haven’t looked at in a long time will be removed from the hard drive and stored in iCloud. The image is still there, but it’s a miniature version that doesn’t take up much space. If you want to see this old photo, just click on it. It doesn’t show up instantly – remember it’s in the cloud and needs to be re-downloaded to your computer. So, in other words, the photos you took in 2001 from your fourth wedding show up on the Mac, and if you click on one, it won’t show up instantly. And if you don’t want to watch it for a few months or so, it’s removed from the Mac and put back into iCloud. To do this, open Photos on your Mac and, at the top right, click Photos, Preferences, iCloud and choose Optimize Mac Storage.

Sometimes I like to read an article on a website, but it’s full of ads and I hate browsing through them. Well, there is an option called Reader View. If you’re in Safari on a website, click View at the top and choose Show READER. This brings up the same article but without all the graphic images and advertisements.

Another cool feature is in the Mail app. Open Mail and click create new mail. If you click on the small + sign, a mini version of the contact list appears, and you can choose a recipient. Another way is to start typing the recipient’s name. The first couple of characters you type will give you the opportunity to choose the correct name.

The last one is the best lap of the day. Let’s go visit New York. Open the Maps apps and in the search field type New York City. A map pops up, and long-pressing the name of New York brings up a red dot. Click and hold on it – a small frame appears and, clicking on it, displays a video of the streets. You can navigate forward by clicking your mouse forward or swiping right or left to move through the streets. In fact, you browse the whole city by moving your mouse up, down, right or left.

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Clifton L. Boyd