Trump Jr. shares a chart showing Biden created more jobs than his father.

Donald Trump Jr. had embarrassing self-centeredness on Saturday as he shared a White House chart that showed Joe Biden, the US President, created many more jobs each month than his father.

The White House Instagram account on Friday shared a graphic showing how Biden created more jobs than former US Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Biden’s bar dominates the rest with a monthly average of over 550,000, while Trump is the only president on the list to have a negative number, hitting just over -50,000.

“Under President Biden, the economy created more jobs per month than under any other president – ever,” The Account Write.

Although Trump did not comment on the post – due to the simple fact that his Instagram account was suspended following the Capitol uprising last year – two of his children quickly rushed to defend their father.

“What a joke,” Eric Trump added a laughing emoji to his post.

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Trump Jr. added, “I’m just here for the comments.”

The post was also shared and commented on by the executive vice president of The Trump Organization. His Instagram account, writing: “Thoughts? The comments on this nonsense on the original are truly incredible.

Trump Jr. asked for comment on the White House chart. But, because of this, only certain subscribers and users can comment.

Aaron Rupar, a reporter, shared the tweet on Twitter and described it as “very personal” from the businessman – and others agreed:

Ironically, Trump Jr. appears to have outdone himself.

Clifton L. Boyd