The best data science jobs to apply for in the first week of 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 4, 2022

Apply to these data science jobs to accelerate career growth in 2022

Data usage dominates modern businesses. Data science, analytics and big data have established themselves as a fundamental part of all businesses. The integration of data technologies generated valuable information from the collected data and also enabled operational efficiency and minimized the risk of incurring losses through accurate forecasting of future risks. Obviously, this has led to an increase in the number of data science jobs. Companies are looking for skilled, highly motivated people who can leverage advanced technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and big data to achieve organizational goals. In this article, we’ve listed the best data science jobs that data professionals can apply for in the first week of January 2022.

Data annotator

Offered by: Already seen

Site: Hyderabad, India


  • Data cleaning and labeling (video annotation)
  • Automate tasks on time and as scheduled
  • Ensure annotation work meets quality standards
  • Collaborate with quality control teams for corrections and improvements.

Required Skills :

  • Good dexterity and efficiency in labeling video datasets
  • Ability to methodically label data with high precision
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Experience working with data labeling tools and similar activities


  • University degree in computer science, mathematics or related field
  • Excellent computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge of mathematics and statistics

Data scientist

Offered by: Narayana Health

Site: Bangalore, India


  • Build complete models to identify and monitor the main performance levers of the company
  • Design visuals to effectively represent data models and analyzes to provide a clear structure for decision making
  • Develop NLP algorithms to classify and summarize structured and unstructured text data
  • Develop statistical and ML models towards the estimation and classification of clinical variables

Required Skills :

  • NLP algorithms
  • Business analysis and image processing
  • Computer vision
  • Deep learning


  • Bachelor of Science in any specialization
  • Tech or BE in any specialization

Big Data Developer

Offered by: Internet schedules

Site: Noida, India


  • Design and develop an efficient distributed and fault-tolerant data processing system.
  • Ability to understand data processing requirements and create cost effective solutions
  • Work closely with the Sales, QA and Operations team to sort out issues
  • Investigate the best tools and frameworks for building extensible frameworks

Required Skills :

  • Proficient in Java
  • Experience in data modeling, data design and persistence on large data sets
  • Experience in advertising technology field will be a great advantage
  • 6 to 12 years of practical experience in the design, development, debugging, testing of large-scale distributed systems and big data technologies
  • Good understanding of software design principles and building effective data principles

Data science consultant

Offered by: Dell Technologies

Site: Bangalore, India (hybrid)


  • Contribute to business strategy and influence decision making based on information obtained
  • Collaborate with business leaders, engineers and industry experts to create predictive models, algorithms and probability engines
  • Produce actionable insights from complex data sets
  • Design processes to consolidate and examine unstructured data to derive actionable insights

Required Skills

  • 12 to 15 years of work experience with advanced statistical skills and mathematical knowledge
  • Knowledge of organizations and sales objectives
  • Knowledge of data visualization techniques
  • Better understanding of data approaches such as regression, clustering and classification
  • Skills in statistics and data modeling

Data scientist

Offered by: Bridgetree PVT Research Services. Ltd.

Site: Bangalore, India (remote)


  • Write programs to clean and integrate data in an efficient and reusable way
  • Ensure data quality and analytical accuracy before presenting it to stakeholders
  • Incorporate a variety of statistical and ML techniques into projects
  • Produce accurate data reports and provide recommendations to improve future reports

Required Skills :

  • Ability to learn and take responsibility for delivering from preferred programming tools
  • Experience in a data driven environment providing analysis and insight
  • Extensive experience in large data sets, statistical analyzes
  • Hands-on experience with Python, SQL and Tableau


  • Degrees in a highly relevant analytical or technical field, such as statistics, business analysis, and data science
  • Over 4 years of direct program and analytical experience in retail with a strong focus on answering complex business questions

Data and Analytics – CRL 2.0 Data Science

Offered by: EY

Site: Calcutta, India


  • Hands-on work and delivery of advanced analytics, ML and AI projects
  • Supervision of juniors
  • Manage customer interactions and customer management

Required Skills :

  • 3 to 5 years of experience
  • Must also have experience in ML and advanced analytics
  • Good communication skills
  • Must have experience in external roles in contact with clients


  • Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D., Master in statistics, economics, computer science, robotics, mechanical or industrial engineering, or in related fields
  • Excellent communication, consulting and project management skills
  • Python / R coding expert
  • Knowledge of neural networks, deep learning or AI would be an asset

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