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Who is Social channel?

Chain is a female-led digital and creative agency located on the Mornington Peninsula – serving the best in Australian beauty, fashion and lifestyle – Bangn Body, Bondi Boost, SZEP to name a few -some of our customers.

Having recently been featured in DailyMail, “Is this the best workplace ever?” We have a culture-driven attitude at the forefront of everything we do.

Senior Account Manager

Location: Chain Social HQ – Factory 1, 26 Virginia Street, Mornington 3931

Reports to: Digital Director

Purpose of the position:

The Senior Account Manager plays a critical role within the agency with regards to the agency’s client portfolio; and is responsible for digital advertising strategy, performance and customer retention.

A high level of understanding of the digital ecosystem is essential, with the role heavily immersed in the digital landscape in the form of Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads Manager, Klayvio/MailChimp, Google Analytics and Shopify. Confident and knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing, this role must work with clients to strategize and recommend the most effective opportunities to achieve client KPIs.

Client-facing, this role will manage all communications with assigned clients and will also be responsible for onboarding new clients into the agency alongside the Digital Director.

Main responsibilities:

  • Management of 6 weighted senior accounts (holistic approach)
  • Briefing and managing content creation with graphic designers, photographers and videographers to meet digital account requirements
  • Development and optimization of complete customer Facebook funnels, content management and optimization of their accounts
  • Work alongside our Google specialists and Campaign Manager (email automation) to ensure a holistic approach to your client’s digital account
  • Track and report on KPIs, as well as identify opportunities or issues with the client in advance
  • Review online store analytics and conversion marketing matrix and provide strategic recommendations for improvements
  • Define the strategic direction and KPIs of all new customers in collaboration with the digital director. You will oversee and guide the successful implementation of said strategies to achieve exceptional customer results and, therefore, retention.
  • Identify upsells and strategic suggestions for all your clients in conjunction with the digital director, including potential work in progress or additional ad hoc or project work to achieve agency sales goals
  • Identify own knowledge gaps
  • Managing monthly client reports, promoting WIPs and client presentations
  • Supervise and work alongside the digital director while supporting the digital coordinators if necessary
  • Be a Chain Social Agency ambassador by living and breathing our company values


Must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in a digital marketing agency in a similar role.



  • The ability to examine your client’s entire digital ecosystem and be able to audit it against best practices with recommendations that match
  • The ability to present new ideas and recommendations to the client to achieve exceptional results for the client
  • Confidently sell your audited opportunities to drive non-financial and financial KPIs
  • Write non-financial and financial KPIs that will have a weighted impact on your clients’ activities. For example, identifying the importance of customer retention
  • Create strategic plans/initiatives to exceed your clients’ non-financial and financial KPIs.
  • Write your customers; 3-6 month digital business plan including hosting the strategy session, conducting research, pitching new ideas, writing and then executing the plan


  • The ability to write/edit basic HTML – in the form of being able to undertake theme/script editing
  • The ability to confidently edit/optimize your client’s theme customizer
  • Be able to identify Shopify apps that will improve your customers’ website user experience
  • Be able to do a full UX audit of your client’s website and write corresponding recommendations and justifications
  • Be able to manage and execute cross-border website maintenance in the form of secondary location websites (i.e. US) or secondary location applications (ie. currency buyer)
  • Have experience/understanding of the following applications, both from a functionality and runtime perspective; Inventory App, Back In Stock, Tidio Live Chat, Spin the Wheel, Gift Box App, Judge.Me (or similar review platform), SMILE Loyalty, LionLoyalty


  • Be able to set up a Business Manager account from scratch including pixel, catalog, ad account, page, domain verification, events/other
  • Be able to identify if/which pixel is on a website and install it either by code injection or by pixel ID on the client’s website
  • Confidently manage your customers’ e-commerce catalog, including segmentation and flow optimization
  • Review and report on attribution windows
  • Present data reports on LTV / retention / percentiles and their importance for your customers
  • Confidently write and deliver long-term paid ad strategies that encompass your client’s entire customer journey
  • Manage cross-border ad accounts (example: US funnel)
  • Ability to report on A/B testing
  • Identify conversion opportunities, including an account that went from low ROAS to positive ROAS and the changes/optimizations made to achieve those results.
  • Be able to confidently write direct response copy


  • Confidently set up a Google Analytics account for your client, including all conversion tracking/paths/reports
  • Create custom Google Analytics reports for your clients
  • Set up UTM links per campaign for in-depth reporting


  • Have a general understanding of SEO sales
  • Be able to perform “on-page” SEO optimizations for your clients (free), including; Page descriptions, meta titles, subtitles, alt tags and more


  • Have followed the Klayvio Academy training
  • Be able to confidently assess your customers’ email automations/email best practices
  • Present opportunities to your customers to gain and acquire new first-party customer data
  • Be able to increase your client’s email marketing revenue by creating and reporting on measurement metrics including but not limited to; automation revenue, campaign email revenue, open rate, click-through rate, subscriber growth, etc.)


  • To be able to;
    • Create processes and procedures for your daily life
    • Identify improvements and effectiveness of the channel’s social account management systems
    • Demonstrate your ability to work in a team environment where everyone is a winner

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Clifton L. Boyd