Sainte Rose is wrong to cut jobs

“By design” are perhaps the two most intriguing words in the court ruling that returned me to my teaching position at Sainte Rose College.

Specifically, State Supreme Court Justice Peter Lynch wrote, “The [college’s] a selective, narrow and erroneous interpretation of the manual appears to have been intentional, to wrongly eliminate the permanent positions of the petitioners. This raises the possibility that the flawed downsizing process was not the result of ignorance or incompetence, but was deliberate.

Yet the mystery surrounding the failure of the retrenchment process is only deepening because some music industry concentration professors have formed an underground group and inserted a secret proposal into the process. An internal hearing found that proper procedures had not been followed “as evidenced by the acceptance of the proposal by music industry professors”.

Employees should be treated with dignity, both in their employment and, if circumstances require, their termination. What seems clear in this case, amid many unanswered and troubling questions, is that procedures to ensure fairness and dignity were not followed.

The failure of the college’s downsizing process has been widely condemned and is rapidly turning a once highly respected institution into a regional and national embarrassment. It’s time to right that ship both financially and ethically. A thorough investigation into the failed 2020 College of Saint Rose downsizing process is warranted.

Bruce Roter


Full Professor, The College of Sainte Rose; founder and president of the Museum of Political Corruption and its Center for Ethical Governance

Clifton L. Boyd