Our Stories: An EK and AHS Graphic Design Collaborative Project

Our stories is a collaborative project where Northwood Preschool Center Kindergarten (EK) classes provided drawings and writing prompts for Ames High School graphic design students to illustrate.

“One of our graphic design projects this year is to create a children’s book page,” said Lindsey Wede, art teacher at Ames High. The first kindergarten students in Lindsey Wirth’s Northwood classes, brimming with imagination, came up with the concept. They would often design a page, verbalize a story, or draw a picture of their idea. From there, the high school kids would take the idea and create a digital version of it.

Wede is always looking for ways to give meaning to her art projects in the classroom, whether by getting involved with community organizations, giving gifts, or creating something based on her personal inspiration. This project is an extension of creating meaningful art.

“I think it reminds them of what it was like to be that little kid,” Wede said. “It also reminds them that not everything has to be perfect. They look at this drawing that this young student made and they realize how fantastic it is.

Many stories are about talking animals, but these themes can resonate through the years. “Milo’s Stripes” is about the power of friendship. “Pig on a Beach” is about learning to swim. Throughout the collection, fears are overcome and dreams come true. “It was a very fun and meaningful project and I love how it connects our students at all levels.”

Once the projects were completed, they were sent back to Northwood to be shown and read to the class. For kindergartners, being able to see their idea in a new graphic format was priceless.

You can see the entire Our Stories collection at the PDF link below.

Our stories EK Graphic Design Book

Clifton L. Boyd