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(Photo by Erin Pence)

Wright State University article By Jim Hannah

(2/21/22) Art was a big part of his life at a young age. Madison Pape has always enjoyed drawing and sketching. But it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she realized her passion for art could be her livelihood.

Today, Pape is a graphic design major at Wright State University’s Lake Campus and has her sights set on full-time employment at a design firm.

“I’ve always been interested in art, but never really considered it as a potential career path. I hadn’t realized how much opportunity there is for graphic design. My last year of high school, I really discovered all the opportunities.

Pape grew up in the village of New Bremen in western Ohio. She has always made art, which came naturally to her.

“I loved being creative and using my hands to create something. The joy I felt from starting something to finishing it and wanting to keep doing new things,”

After graduating from New Bremen High School in 2019, Pape enrolled at Lake Campus. Location and affordability were big pluses, but the turning point came during an open house when she discovered the lake campus had a graphic design program.

“I knew I wanted to work here when I finished my studies. And I knew I could find opportunities and rub shoulders with people who could help me get in touch with businesses here.

Pape said people often think graphic design is very artistic.

“But the world of graphic design these days is very marketing driven and tries more to involve other people in what you’re designing. My classes are also focused on real situations and try to make them as realistic as possible. »

Pape said most of his design work is produced on a computer after sketching mock-ups. The hardest part, she said, is coming up with design ideas.

“Once you’ve come up with an idea and used it, it’s pretty easy for me to put it on the computer. But actually, figuring out what you want to do and where you want to go is the hardest part.

The most rewarding thing is creating the final product and “seeing people react to your design.”

Pape helped design a logo for a new company as part of his internship at Wright State University’s ONEIL Center. The center provides an innovative transdisciplinary experiential learning workspace that functions simultaneously as a classroom, incubator, small business, social impact organization, and research lab.

“It was a really fun process.”

Pape said Teresa Richter, a lecturer in graphic and multimedia design, has been an influential instructor.

“She was very willing to help to make sure her students were successful.”

Richter said Page is an incredible student who approaches every project with grace and charm and shows maturity through her technical skills and professionalism.

“It was a pleasure for me to help her grow into the dynamic designer she has become over the past three years.”

After graduating in May, Pape hopes to land a full-time job with an area design company or pursue a master’s degree in instructional design in which she would learn how to create online learning platforms.

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