Know Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EMI loan on Rs 60,000 down payment: Details explained

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been on sale in the country for over two decades now, and the tallboy hatch continues to remain one of the best-selling cars in the Indian market, thanks to the timely updates the manufacturer has introduced to she. The Wagon R was actually the best-selling car in India last month, with almost 18,000 units under its belt.
Are you planning to buy the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and wondering how much EMI you will have to pay? Here is a table showing the on-road (Delhi) price per variant of the Maruti sedan, and the lowest monthly installment you would have to shell out, keeping in mind an average term, return on investment, as well as a deposit –
Variant On-road prices
Mandate Interest rate
Deposit NDE
LXI Rs5,96,112 5 years 9.8% 60,000 rupees 11,338 rupees
VXI Rs6,42,353 5 years 9.8% 64,000 rupees 12,231 rupees
ZXI Rs6,85,845 5 years 9.8% 69,000 rupees 13,046 rupees
VXIAT Rs 7,14,746 5 years 9.8% 71,000 rupees 13,614 rupees
ZXI+ Rs7,38,790 5 years 9.8% 74,000 rupees 14,059 rupees
ZXI AT Rs 7,40,539 5 years 9.8% 74,000 rupees 14,096 rupees
Dual tone
Rs 7,51,916 5 years 9.8% 75,000 rupees 14,316 rupees
ZXI+ AT Rs 7,93,483 5 years 9.8% 79,000 rupees 15,110 rupees
Dual tone
Rs8,06,608 5 years 9.8% 81,000 rupees 15,346 rupees
LXI Rs 7,17,048 5 years 9.8% 72,000 rupees 13,642 rupees
VXI Rs 7,64,635 5 years 9.8% 76,000 rupees 14,564 rupees

To facilitate understanding, we have chosen an average occupancy period of 5 years as standard, with a down payment of approximately 10% and an estimated bank interest rate of 9.8%. Note that you are free to decide the duration for which you take out the loan, while the interest rate varies from bank to bank. Additionally, you can also choose to pay a higher or lower down payment, which will decrease or increase your Easy Monthly Payment (EMI) respectively.
Maruti Suzuki is currently selling the Wagon R at a starting price of Rs 5.47 lakh, which rises to Rs 7.20 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom) for the top-end AT version. However, the on-road (Delhi) price of the sedan ranges between Rs 5.96 lakh to Rs 7.64 lakh.
Suppose you decide to purchase the VXI CNG variant of the Wagon R (ex-showroom, Delhi price – Rs 6.86 lakh), you would end up paying Rs 14,564 as a monthly installment for a period of 5 years with a return on investment of 9.8%, along with a one-time down payment of Rs 76,000. All added up, you end up paying around Rs 9.50 lakh for the said variant at the end of your loan tenure, which includes the on-road price , the amount of the deposit, as well as the interest incurred during the aforementioned period.
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Clifton L. Boyd