Interview with Atlanta Hawks Superfan & Graphic Design Artist

If you’re a regular on “Hawks Twitter”, you’ve seen his work. The graphic designer known as “Dracodzns” uses his computer skills to reinvent everything from the game to the uniforms players wear on the pitch.

Dracodzns’ work has gone viral on more than one occasion. Some of his most popular works are jersey swaps that elicit strong reactions from loyal fans. Even if you don’t like to imagine Ben Simmons in an Atlanta Hawks jersey, you can’t deny the creativity and passion of this young entertainer.

How and when did you start?

I started graphic design in the fall of 2018. I started designing for a school project, and I got interested in it.

How long have you been a Hawks/hoops fan?

I’ve been a Hawks/Hoops fan for as long as I can remember. Watching hoops while designing is one of my favorite activities.

You have some of the most unique ideas I’ve seen online. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many types of things. For example, I draw inspiration from billboards and advertisements across the city, as well as the work of other artists that I have also researched. I love creating new art styles and eventually combining the styles into a new hybrid art style.

What are some of your personal favorite designs you’ve done?

Some of my personal favorite designs I’ve done are jersey swaps. I like to do jersey swaps because they bring out the creativity and they really help me expand my creative scope.

What are some of your designs that have been the most popular with fans?

Some of my most popular fan designs include my “ATL Hawks X Waffle House” and personal Twitter headers.

Are there any players or teams who liked your work?

A few teams and players liked my work, like the Atlanta Hawks, John Collins, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Sharife Cooper and Solomon Hill. The Atlanta Falcons and Kyle Pitts have also noticed my work before.

What is a common misconception fans might have about your work?

Some of my followers may think that my work is made using old recycled artwork and just making small adjustments and reposting the illustration, but all my illustrations are created from scratch in a 1000 X 1000 workspace in Adobe Photoshop.

What are your goals for the future? Stay an independent artist or work for a brand/company?

In the future, I can see myself being a freelance freelance artist, occasionally working for the sports industry on internships, so I can make connections, build my skills, and meet new people in the industry.

You can follow Dracodzns and follow his work by by clicking here.

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