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Of Ringling College’s 13 majors, there are three that, although seemingly very different, share a common focus based on visual communication. They communicate a feeling or an emotion through an illustrated character; an intent or story through branding and marketing; or a theme through a shared experience.

Let’s start with the Illustration. Ranked among the top illustration schools in the nation, you can find Ringling College Illustration graduates working at top companies like Apple, Disney, American Greetings, Google, Hallmark, and more. Ultimately, behind every illustration is a story to tell, a problem to solve, or a perspective to share. By learning the basics of color theory, composition, and anatomy in traditional and digital media, illustration students learn to compose artwork that effectively communicates their message. Working in both 2D and 3D, students will leave Ringling College with a cohesive portfolio that showcases their distinct visual voice. Job opportunities include children’s books, editorial (newspapers, magazines, and book covers), interactive web illustration, technical art, advertising illustration, and, as described below, visual development . Indeed, Illustration is one of our most adaptable programs in terms of careers in art and design.

Students in the program’s Visual Development track focus on concept art, working in today’s most popular entertainment industries, including games, comics, graphic novels, film, television (live action and animated), toy design and publishing. Students will learn how to create the art of characters and environments that will be used by modelers, animators, designers, visual effects artists, and other creatives to bring their ideas to life.

In Ringling College’s graphic design program, also highly ranked in the US, students create disruptive and thought-provoking designs that help businesses, nonprofits, products, events and spaces stand out. a crowd. And their award-winning designs are everywhere – on shelves, at events, on billboards, brochures, your computers and phones, and more. As graphic design legend Paul Rand once said, “Design is everywhere!”

Graphic design students at Ringling College develop a deep understanding of design thinking and create work that will appeal and inform their target audience. The student experience is enhanced by opportunities to work on professional client projects that will be seen around the world, including top design studios and Ringling’s in-house design center.

And then there’s Entertainment Design. This is Ringling College’s newest BFA program, which is about translating stories into experiences, with an emphasis on thematic built environments. Entertainment Design graduates learn how to create unforgettable experiences as part of a multi-billion dollar industry that includes theme parks, museums, concerts, sporting events, hotels, restaurants – all places experiences that entertain, delight, amuse and inspire. Ringling’s Entertainment Design program enables students to collaborate with artists, designers and other creative leaders to develop experiences that will “wow” audiences and position our graduates to perform at the highest level in an industry that is experiencing exponential growth every year. Plus, it helps that Disney World, Universal, Epcot, and so many more are just a stone’s throw from Sarasota.

These three majors—Illustration, Graphic Design, and Entertainment Design—demonstrate the depth and breadth of Ringling College’s offerings. Although decidedly different, the importance of the fundamentals still applies: shape, color, space, form, line, value, texture and space, but with decidedly different purposes. All work in the art of storytelling and visual communication, whether through an illustrated character, graphic signage or an interactive experience.

And whatever tool our artists and designers use to ignite their own instinctive creative spark – a computer, pencil, artist brush, table saw or other medium – Ringling College is here to help them. hone their creative skills, so that their passion becomes a life. – long job.

Or, as Ramana Penmaraju reminds us, “When passion meets profession, it turns into a masterpiece.”

Dr. Larry Thompson is president of Ringling College of Art & Design.

Image courtesy of Ringing College

Clifton L. Boyd