How to get a scholarship to study graphic design courses in London?

Graphic design is a great field for a career if you are interested in working as an artist or want to portray your creativity. With an increasing emphasis on visual appeal in marketing campaigns and promotions, graphic designers can also be spotted in the business arena. There are many universities offering graphic design courses in London that can provide you with all the skills you need to become a successful designer. Read ahead to find out what you can benefit from a graphic design program and which scholarship option can help you fund your graphic design studies in UK.

What are the advantages and career prospects of pursuing a graphic design degree in London?

A career as a graphic designer can bring many benefits. You are allowed to bring your creativity to the workplace to come up with visually appealing designs and products. You can also expect a wide variety of career opportunities across different industries and fields.

Here are some interesting career profiles open to graphic design graduates.

  1. Graphic design specialist
  2. Comic book illustrator
  3. Production artist
  4. UIUX designer
  5. Website designer
  6. Artistic director
  7. Curators of art museums
  8. Digital illustrators
  9. Marketing campaign artists

Is a graphic design degree in London expensive enough?

The cost of a UK graphic design degree can depend on the type, of course, you have selected and the university offering it. A formal four-year college degree will certainly cost a lot more than a graphic design degree.

According to, an average undergraduate degree in graphic design can cost you £ 92.50 per year. As an international student, you may incur higher tuition fees than local students.

What kind of scholarships can you get to study graphic design courses in London?

The UK government has made it easier for international and local students to finance their graphic design education in the country through several well-known scholarship programs. Here are the best scholarships that will fund your design education in UK.

1. International excellence scholarship: This scholarship awards £ 8,000 to deserving students enrolled in undergraduate design courses.

2. Chevening Partnership Grant: Under the terms of this scholarship, the beneficiary student may obtain a fee waiver for their master’s program in graphic design.

3. Commonwealth Split-site scholarship: You may consider this scholarship if you are planning to pursue your graduate studies or a PhD. in the field of graphic design. This program offers full fee waiver for a doctorate. degree from a relevant university.

4. Commonwealth Masters Scholarship: This scholarship program applies to undergraduate courses. According to this option, you can get 50% discount on the fees of your Bachelor of Graphic Design.

In addition to these state-funded scholarship programs, many private universities also offer their own scholarship programs for deserving students. You can consult the eligibility criteria of these scholarships. And then apply for it in advance to increase your chances of getting proper cash assistance.

Look for good art schools and creative universities today that offer great graphic design programs as well as suitable scholarship options.

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