Highlighting Black-Owned Businesses in Northern Alabama: Orange Web Graphic Design | News

Shelsie Myles has turned what she describes as a hobby into a career in her own right.

“I’m an artist first, so painting and drawing is just my hobby,” Myles said.

She chose to take her artistic abilities and learn the ways of graphic design.

“But, you know, when you’re in school, you have to figure out, ‘Okay, now I have to figure out how I’m going to do what I love and make it a lifestyle and a career,'” Myles noted.

While attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Myles began freelancing as a graphic designer. She finally deposited her commercial license and developed Orange Web Graphic Design.

“I chose the fields I like to work with, because there are many fields related to graphic design, but I like designing brands, like logos, as well as doing advertising and designing clothes “, she said.

When Covid-19 hit, Myles, who has spent most of his career working for others, chose to invest more time in his business. What she said was just a side gig eventually became her full-time job.

“I work with small businesses,” Myles said. “I try to target women-owned businesses as well as businesses of color and also large government contractors as well as federal government contractors.”

Myles is proud to give back to a community that she believes supports her. She said she built her success by joining organizations like the Black Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s a very unique demographic, because there’s just a lot of economic factors, you know, that are holding back the black community in different areas,” Myles said. “So it’s important for me to represent that as well as help develop it.”

She said she intended to stop racism by being aware of the people she does business with.

Myles also spends time helping emerging artists. It offers internships to students or recent graduates. She said her hope is to inspire the next generation of graphic designers.

“Be brave, step forward and keep that strength and that smile,” Myles said.

Going forward, Myles wants to continue to grow her business and venture into other areas of design. In January, she launched True Wave Apparel, where she designs t-shirts and sweatshirts for businesses and organizations.

Learn more about Orange Web Graphic Design here and True Wave clothing here.

Clifton L. Boyd