Graphic design showcase ‘exceeded expectations’

jessica stallter
Personal editor

The Graphic Design Showcase gives seniors majoring in graphic design the opportunity to show off their skills and display a brand they have developed from the ground up. For senior reviews and showcases, seniors build a brand with both concept and design.

“We had to create all the branding and materials for the product or idea we wanted,” said senior Molly Carl. “This includes packaging, letterhead and business card, website, marketing materials like posters or banners, and a brand book.”

On Thursday, April 7, the Graphic Design Seniors presented their work for reviews, where they explained their design process and showed their work in front of students and faculty in the art department.

“My favorite part of the showcase is actually the day before, which is review day with the whole art department,” Carl said. “It’s really fun to be able to watch everyone’s spaces, but hearing everyone talk about their work and craft their decisions, and then hearing feedback from the art department, is the most rewarding and entertaining part for me.”

“My favorite part of the showcase was participating in reviews and hearing opinions that I might not have considered when viewing the works,” said sophomore Rachel Williams.

On Friday, April 8, the showcase of senior graphic designer work opened with a reception. The reception allowed students, guests and faculty to eat, meet the senior designers and get a first look at their work. In addition, first, second and third places were awarded. Molly Carl won 1st place, Boris Yelle won 2nd place and Kris Davis won 3rd place.

Graphic design students mingle in front of the window of an invented brand, “Chapters”. Photo by Jessica Stalter

“It means a lot to me to be able to have an in-person showcase for my friends and family to come see,” Carl said. “Especially after the last few years of my college experience, and a lot of it honestly, being tainted by not having in-person events like this. Also, with my family being out of state, they don’t really see my everyday life on campus or anything that I’m really working on…So it’s fun for them to be able to come see all of my work!”

The final brands were all very different, ranging from sports teams to dog collars, food and beverage companies, a mental health awareness project and even an amusement park.

“I also love seeing their personalities shine through in their design choices,” Williams said. “I found it interesting that although everyone was given the same guidelines, many of them exceeded expectations and that no two concepts were alike.”

In addition to the benefits for senior students, the showcase gives lower-year graphic design students a chance to see what they will be doing in their senior year and be inspired by the work they witness.

“This event helps me understand what is expected of me and helps me brainstorm ideas for my own senior project,” Williams said. “It’s helpful to be able to see how each company has been criticized and how the public is reacting to it. I love seeing original ideas presented and I still have plenty of time to explore some of my own ideas. »

Clifton L. Boyd