Final Fantasy 14 Announces Weapon Design Contest For Sage And Reaper Jobs

Final Fantasy 14 is launching its second weapon design contest, this time for the new high-tech Sage and scythe-wielding Reaper jobs added in Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14 recently shared the results of its latest Weapon Design Contest, where players submitted fan-designed weapons to be implemented in the game in the future. Final Fantasy 14 is already holding a second weapon design contest – this time for the new Reaper and Sage jobs introduced in Endwalker.

The weapon design competition Final Fantasy 14 gives players the opportunity to share their creativity with the rest of the community. The best concepts win several in-game items as prizes, with grand prize winners seeing their ideas implemented in-game as actual weapons at a later date.


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Inputs must match a specific design pattern provided by Final Fantasy 14 on the contest announcement page. Beyond the specs of the file, he details the traits he’s looking for when it comes to the weapons themselves. reapers in Final Fantasy 14 wield large collapsible scythes, while Sages wield four identical gun-shaped wands called nouliths that float around them. As long as the inputs match the parameters described by FF14they can qualify for several cosmetic prizes, like the adorable Bluebird earrings, Cloud Strife’s hair, or the new Great Serpent of Ronka parasol.

Players interested in participating in the competition have until June 12 to submit their application. But Final Fantasy 14 didn’t say when the results will be announced, players can likely expect to see the finalists a few months after the competition ends.

The previous weapon design competition at Final Fantasy 14 saw a huge amount of creativity in the entries. With a range of cute, comical and cool designs, players will have plenty of awesome weapons to collect in the near future. While the Grand Prize winners and runners-up were all fantastic, many of the designs that didn’t even make the cut were excellent.

Many are delighted to see what their comrades Final Fantasy 14 players create for the Sage and Reaper classes in the Weapon Design Contest. The Sage and Reaper classes have been hugely popular since their introduction, and the weapons easily lend themselves to a lot of cool concepts that players can’t wait to see put on paper. Some gamers even started sharing hilarious ideas, including one of the low-polygon grapes from Endwalker infamy.

the Final Fantasy 14 The community has had more conflict than usual over the past two weeks. Between misfortunes with the recently resolved housing lottery system and Final Fantasy 14 repression of third-party tools and datamining, some Final Fantasy 14 players have seen conflict erupt within its normally positive community. Hopefully contests like this can mend the wounds caused by recent dramas.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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