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#TUMINDIG: Filipino graphic designer work sparks online solidarity

Bayan artist, gayon a lumalaban!

Resistance and protest can be done in many ways, but often the best and most effective way is art. Paintings, songs, literature, and other art forms have the ability to inspire people to stand up in solidarity in such a creative way that it is difficult to leave the movement unnoticed. The same is happening this week with just a simple illustration shared online by artist Tarantadong Kalbo, Kevin Eric Raymundo in real life.

“Tumindig”, digital art by Tarantadong Kalbo

His now viral work, entitled “Tumindig», Presents legions of fists bowing except for one, which shines and rises. Although not a campaign, activists, leaders and action groups and other artists quickly followed what he did and created their own versions of “tumbling”Incorporating their own fist avatar, showing their solidarity.

Since the start of his campaign, President Rodrigo Duterte has made his signature fist bump gesture, which has ultimately been adopted by his supporters and supporters both in the community and in government. In the past, international figures such as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service Nick Warner and action film superstar Jackie Chan have made their fists in photo ops with the President. While leaders of countries such as Senators Grace Poe and Nancy Binay and Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto have refused to do so.

Check out some of the “Tumindig” recreations online:



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