Emily Kalina, Graphic Designer, Reveals Site, Technology Supports New Adaptable Business Model

PORTSMOUTH, NH /ACCESSWIRE/March 31, 2022/ Emily Kalina Graphic Artist, a digital art company created by artist Emily Kalina, has just unveiled a new website that she hopes will bring her unique art to a much wider audience. The company hopes its unique approach can inspire aspiring young artists to take control of their careers and earn a living doing what they love.

Take advantage of technological advances

Technology is changing the lives of many modern artists. For years, the art world has transformed into a very exclusive space where artists work hard to sell art in galleries, auctions or private sales, while dreaming of hitting it hard and to sell unique works to the wealthy elite for huge sums. silver. It was once one of the few ways to make a living as an artist or get your work widely known, and if it didn’t fit the mold, it was often pushed aside.

Technology is changing all that. It offers a whole new option for those who would rather carve out their niche as an artist than work their way into the upper echelon of the art business. Instead of selling works in art galleries or auction houses, artists can create and upload their art entirely online, allowing users to order prints and even custom products – all of which can be designed simply and sold automatically, through services such as dropshipping and print-on-demand.

Emily Kalina Graphic Designer is a company created to manage the sale of the works of the artist Emily Kalina. Using these advancements and more, the company has developed a non-traditional, automated, and fully online business model.

Discover and develop a unique business model

In the beginning, the company’s promotional strategy was rather traditional: displays in galleries and art festivals, stands in fairs. He then started selling wholesale to smaller galleries and businesses, and now mostly through Facebook and Instagram. Prior to last year, the company had never paid a dime for marketing, growing the business solely through organic marketing and word-of-mouth. As the company’s eponymous founder says, “To be an active artist, you also have to be a businessman. It’s especially important to understand social media and how to use it to your advantage.

The company’s business model was born out of a process of trial and error. “Social media has opened up a level of accessibility that we really haven’t seen before,” a spokesperson said. “We scoured Facebook for groups that had interests like sailing, boating, animals, and other common topics of my work. As many of these were groups that didn’t allow sale, we were posting artwork just to share with them because of their appreciation of the subject, and we soon began to be inundated with commission requests.

Although this model helped the company grow, it was soon to change as the company evolved. “For a while the commission model was great and we did a lot of it, but we realized we couldn’t keep up with the demand,” a rep explained. “At that time, dropshipping and print-on-demand were becoming more integrated with shopping sites like Shopify and proving more affordable for the business and our customers.”

The benefits of a streamlined business

The company’s new model gives it more freedom than ever. Because it can spread an original design across multiple prints and products, the company can make art affordable for customers while making a profit. Since technology has caught up with its founder’s original vision for a business model, it is now possible to do so. The previous business model of selling a painting to a person or organization for big bucks is no longer viable (or particularly necessary).

Kalina is proud of how far her business has come and the challenges she overcame to get there. “The vision of what I wanted for my business took a long time to come to fruition, but I think it’s here now,” she says. Although the company’s next steps are uncertain, it will continue to explore new opportunities and innovations in the digital art space.

Learn more about Emily Kalina Graphic Artist on the official website website. Contact [email protected] or call 401-787-6036.

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