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WARREN — The two Democrats battling in the primary to succeed Auditor Adrian Biviano have both built up towering financial war chests in their bids to become Trumbull County’s chief financial officer.

Current recorder Tod Latell has an impressive list of contributors, according to his campaign finance reports filed last week with the Elections Office. Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Tom Shay has been spending from his war chest over the past few months to challenge the county official.

Latell, who is trying to move to a new office in the county administration building, has received contributions of $1,000 each from businessmen Ron Klingle of Howland, Sam Covelli of Warren and John Payiavlas of Warren. Other contributors of $1,000 to his campaign are the Blair and Latell law firm, the Families for Adrian Biviano committee and Warren’s Ted Bloom. Law firms Warren of Rieger, Carpenter and Daugherty contributed $700, while Frank DeJute of Niles and Thomas St. George of Howland donated $500 to the Latell campaign. Businessman Anthony Cafaro Sr. also contributed $300 to Latell, the report said.

Other contributors include the five employees at his registrar who combined to donate $540.

Latell’s report shows a balance of $13,573. It also lists outstanding loans of $29,975 and outstanding debts of $8,043, with recent loans of $10,000 and $225 from Latell’s father, a former Trumbull County commissioner and state legislator. Anthony Latell.

Major expenses for the Latell campaign include more than $3,600 for yard signs and media buys from Vantell Media Group of Youngstown for $12,813.03.


Shay, an accountant and financial officer from Braceville, has a balance of $34,335, having spent $19,531 during the reporting period, while Latell collected $19,130 ​​in contributions and recorded $18,296 in expenses.

Shay’s report also lists an outstanding loan of $53,000 taken out by his campaign before the start of the reporting period. The report only lists $1,065 in contributions which lists 17 donors all giving $175 or less. The biggest contributors to Shay were Alexander Domenick of Bessemer, Pa., $175, and Pamela Monroe of West Farmington, $160.

For expenses, the report shows Shay hit the road campaigning spending $407.82 on gas. Shay’s other major expenses included $2,731.13 for postage; $7,722.86 for printing; $4,028.34 for panels and buttons; $1,300 for newspaper advertising and $588.97 for graphic design.


The winner of the Shay-Latell primary contest will face Martha Yoder, a Republican, who in 2020 barely lost a state rep race to Michael O’Brien. Yoder is running unopposed in the GOP primary for the listener.

Yoder’s report carried over from that race a balance of just $45.22 and brought in $5,646, according to his financial report filed last week with the Board of Elections. Her expenses totaled $4,662 and she has $1,028.74 to carry over to the fall campaign. The report also lists an outstanding loan of $87,600 for Yoder.

Among the 62 Yoder donors listed was a $750 gift from Sam Covelli, while the Friends of State Rep. Mike Loychik committee donated $250. Other big Yoder contributors were Warren’s Regina Mitchell, $500; Nicholas Santucci of Warren, $250, and Jennifer Sanders of Farmdale, $200.

Yoder’s major expenses were $1,500 for street signs and a $3,607 purchase from a Pennsylvania company.

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Clifton L. Boyd