Conquer graphic design with this four-week course

A good and competent graphic designer will always be in high demand. Virtually every business hires a graphic designer. Everyone from authors to news companies to social media influencers incorporates graphic design into their work. There is no shortage of graphic design opportunities and there is no shortage of graphic design programs to choose from.

If you’re looking to boost your graphic design knowledge or tap into the field, look no further than the Learn Graphic Design Basics 4-week course. For a limited time, access this program for free. Its usual MSRP is $200.

Eight eight-hour conferences include this package. Upon completion of the course, end users will be able to use the holy trinity of design applications: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Lessons include ways to get an overview of the graphic design space, to learn about developing a “designer’s eye”, to differentiate between the different types of images that graphic designers deal with on a daily basis, the art of typography, among other tools and tricks.

“This course is fantastic! Learned so much so far, all topics well explained,” writes a 4.5 star reviewer.

Each lesson is delivered by Upskillist, “a global online education institution that offers interactive lessons, designed to allow students to learn at their own pace.”

“The team does a great job of cramming so much information into each hourly session. It never feels cluttered and sticks easily in the memory,” another 4.5-star reviewer wrote. are accessible via desktop and mobile devices, and strong customer service is also offered throughout the course.

The software available today has taken graphic design further than many would have imagined, both professionally and personally. Take advantage of this free offer today to learn how to get the most out of the tools available to graphic designers.

Prices subject to change.

Clifton L. Boyd