Celebrating Graphic Design Graduates: Online Events to Expand Exhibition Reach

Lux and Femina: Women in Graphic Design at Yale will soon be open to everyone.

The exhibit celebrating 70 years of women in graphic design at Yale is currently installed at the Haas Library at Yale. Since the library is only open to the Yale campus community, curators have created a series of online events to deepen the discussion and make it accessible to a global audience.

Each event will feature a conversation between two practicing graphic designers. Conversations will focus on the field of graphic design, the education of graphic designers, and the varied and dynamic careers of Yale graphic design graduates.

The first of these takes place on Monday, January 31, with Rebecca Gimenez ’07 MFA and Alicia Cheng ’99 MFA. The two old ones, both presented in Lux and Femina, will join Mar González Palacios on the panel”Women in Graphic Design at Yale: What Can a Graphic Design Career Be?“For the past decade, Gimenez has led a large design and strategy team at IA Collaborative, acting as design leadership in the enterprise sector, and she recently joined Airbnb in a leadership role. Cheng and two Yale MFA program partners founded the female-owned design firm MGMT in 2002, she recently joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art as Head of Design González Palacios is co-curator of the Lux and Femina Exhibition and Associate Director, Special Collections, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University Library. González Palacios will moderate a discussion about Gimenez and Cheng’s careers as graphic designers and their current work as senior designers in cultural and corporate institutions.

On Monday, February 14, Yeju Choi ’09 MFA and Hannah Smotrich ’91 MFA will join Pamela Hovland ’93 MFA on the panel”Women in Graphic Design at Yale: What is Graphic Design Education?Choi is a critic at the Yale School of Art and an artist and designer in New York who works with architecture, installation, publications and public art. Smotrich is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design, where her teaching and practice address participatory practices and community engagement. Hovland is senior critic at the Yale School of Art. Hovland will discuss teaching and the design of education and engagement with Choi and Smotrich.

Closing the series on Monday, February 21, Loidë Marwanga ’10, ’15 MFA and Miko McGinty ’93, ’98 MFA, who will join Betty Wang ’22 MFA on the panel “Women in Graphic Design at Yale: What is Graphic Design?“Marwanga is a freelance designer based in the Washington, D.C. area, whose design work closely engages the historical, artistic, and cultural content of art. McGinty serves as co-curator of the Lux and Femina exhibition and is a book designer and founder of a design firm in Brooklyn whose practice focuses on curatorial, scholarly and museum publications. She also teaches book design as a lecturer at MIT. Wang is a second-year student in the Graphic Design MFA program at Yale, having earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Wang will discuss the field of graphic design and the relationship between design and content with Marwanga and McGinty.

Clifton L. Boyd