Carson High School Graphic Design Courses Provide Industrial Opportunities for Students | News from Carson City, Nevada

Advanced Graphic Design classes at Carson High School kicked off the new school year with many opportunities for students, both for the school and within the community.

For example, students in this program will be able to submit their own artwork to be featured on the cover of Carson High’s 150th Yearbook.

In addition, they also had the opportunity to redesign the Carson High School library logo. Renamed “The Senator’s Library,” the graphic design students create twelve different logo thumbnails, after which one will be chosen to be used as a new design. These assignments are designed to mimic what a real world commission would look like.

“It is essential that students are exposed to real-world experiences so that they know what to expect from their chosen career path,” said Patrica Ababio, the teacher of all graphic design classes at Carson. High School.

Outside of school affairs, local author Michael K. Falciani once again asked advanced graphic design classes to design a book cover for his latest addition to his book series, The Raven and The Crow.

The cover of the previous book in the series, Dark Storm Rising, was designed by student Damien King while his classmate Jaden Anderson designed the logo for the entire series. The two designers intend to continue their efforts within the industry.

It is important for Ababio to create these experience opportunities in real words.

“In addition to graphic design and digital arts, students learn employability skills such as interview techniques, resume writing, and communication skills that will come in handy in any career,” said said Ababio. In addition, graphic design requires attention to detail, an understanding of the client, and teamwork, all of which will help the student succeed in any career. “

If students are not looking to pursue a full career in graphic design, they can still benefit from their skills.

“(The students) run their own small businesses by creating business cards, flyers and logos to help them pay for their college education,” says Ababio.

Before reaching the advanced courses, students must complete two years of graphic design.

During these graphic design courses, students learn most of the basic skills needed for any successful graphic designer. As students progress through lessons, they put their skills to good use as new opportunities open up to them.

Clifton L. Boyd

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