Baylor must modernize its graphic design program

By Olivia Martin | Photo editor

Baylor, if you’re listening, please update your graphic design program!

As a senior photojournalism major I have loved my time so far in the journalism department and really have no complaints – other than the Castellaw Communications Center which needs a makeover, but we can talk about it another time. When I was in second year, I decided to add a minor in business communication. It’s a major minor and compliments my major in journalism quite well. However, if Baylor’s graphic design program were to upgrade, I would definitely change.

The first problem is that the graphic design program goes through the Department of Art and History. This means that, technically, you have to be a studio art major with a graphic design major in order to be a “graphic design major”. While it makes sense to take art classes as a graphic design specialization, Baylor is big enough to have a graphic design program that doesn’t go through another small department.

The second problem is that it is almost impossible to be a minor in graphic design and take graphic design courses for reason # 1. Even as a “graphic design minor” you have to take several courses. art in the studio that are unrelated. to graphic design. For example, you need to take figure drawing classes before you can enter graphic design classes. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you can enter graphic design classes as a non-major, and you may just end up with a studio art minor who has nothing to do with design. graphic.

As a journalism major, I took a digital design course – Media Design – and it was one of my favorite courses. It was my one and only 8am class, and believe it or not, I never slept there because I loved it so much. Unfortunately, it was during our COVID-19 semester, so I had to teach myself a lot of the material at home which was difficult. However, I’ve learned so much about graphic design and media design, and it’s incredibly sad that there aren’t other courses like this available to me.

Baylor has so much potential to have a thriving graphic design program, and it makes me sad to think of all the people I know who are dying to take more graphic design courses but just never will the chance to do it in college. There are a lot of talented and creative students here, and I truly believe that if Baylor stepped up its efforts a little, the university would be known not only for star athletes and successful business students, but also for stellar creatives. that took graphic design to the next level. .

Clifton L. Boyd

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