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Every business wants to stand out in the crowd. And that’s why they invest in branding to differentiate themselves. But branding comes at a price few small businesses can afford. Fortunately, there are several design apps that can help small businesses create a unique look without costing too much.

How to Choose the Best Graphic Design Software or Application for Your Business

The demand for graphic resources such as logos, infographics, and banners has led to the availability of various design software tools. And these tools highlight the benefits of graphic design for business. Whether you use them just for your business or start a business and sell your work on Merch by Amazon, the choice is yours. While it is nice to have a choice of different options, it can also cause a bit of confusion. Here are some simple tips for choosing the right app for your business.

  • First determine the task: A clear understanding of what you need the software for will help you narrow your search and identify the best option.
  • Determine your budget: Most graphic design tools offer a basic plan for $ 30 per month. The more advanced versions are more expensive. The budget that you are willing to allocate for the design will determine which option is best for you.
  • Consider the skill level: Does the user have good graphic design experience or will it be a matter of starting from scratch? Skill level is crucial in determining how intuitive the software must be to deliver the desired results.
  • Supplier credibility: Many software developers offer a host of user-friendly features to help businesses. Choosing a credible supplier can help save you time and money.
  • Ensuring logistical ease of use: Some tools are not supported on all devices. Some are only available on Mac. Before choosing the tool, it is a good idea to make sure it is compatible with your device.

Best free graphic design software and mobile apps

Before purchasing a design tool for your business, there are some free versions that you can check out that can help you make the best decision.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free graphic design software and mobile apps.

1. GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

In terms of customization, few software tools come close to GIMP. In addition to providing a free photo editor, GIMP offers a range of high quality features such as customizable brushes and automatic image enhancement tools.

With GIMP, you will be able to access the same features without paying anything.

Available on: Windows, macOS, Linux

2. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a free online editing tool with several advanced features. The best part is its simple interface, which makes it easy to use. Having a head start over other image editing tools, Pixlr X offers a number of cutting tools such as lasso, shape, drag, and magic.

Available on: Windows, iOS, Android, Browser

3. Krita

Krita is an open source tool that has been around for some time. It is very popular among illustrators and conceptual artists thanks to the different features it offers. More than editing, Krita is popular as a drawing tool.

Available on: Windows, macOS, Linux

4. Vector

Vectr is ideal for working in collaboration. This is because it comes with live sync and collaboration options. This allows a team to easily connect and collaborate on the tool.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

5. Gravity designer

Gravit Designer is a great option for vector graphics. Created by people behind Corel Draw, Gravit Designer is free vector software with a clean interface and can handle most design tasks.

Available on: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

Best Paid Apps For Graphic Designers

There are several paid apps that are popular with designers. Graphic design software tools offer several advanced features that free tools do not today. Let’s take a look at some of the best graphic design software options.

6. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the best graphic design software and photo editor in the world. Designers and illustrators around the world use this software for a multitude of tasks, including 3D modeling, typography, and drawing. Designed to be intuitive, the user-friendly interface allows designers to create their own layout panels. Moreover, it is well suited for mobile and web design.

Adobe recently introduced AI tools that allow users to remove backgrounds in seconds. Adobe Creative Cloud periodically updates the software to update the design tools.

Available on: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Price : Purchased on its own as a subscription, Adobe Photoshop costs $ 22.99 per month. The Creative Cloud Photography plan costs $ 9.99 per month. Adobe also offers a 7-day free trial option.

7. Adobe Illustrator

When it comes to vector drawing and editing, Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard. From logos to illustrations, Adobe Illustrator offers several features to help designers accomplish a multitude of tasks. Since it’s part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you need to pay for a subscription. Software updates are free, however.

Available on: Windows, macOS

Price : Adobe Illustrator’s basic individual plan costs $ 19.99 per month. The business plan costs $ 29.99 per month.

8. Affinity designer

Affinity Designer is an affordable alternative to Illustrator. When it comes to features, Affinity Designer has all the great features that Illustrator has to offer. Plus, it offers some of its own features like a million percent zoom.

Available on: Windows, macOS

Price : Plans start at $ 24.21, a one-time fee. This one-time fee is for iPad, for Mac and Windows, they cost $ 60.54.

9. Canvas

Canva is a feature-rich editing tool. Great for making image adjustments like resizing, cropping, and adding effects, Canva also provides features to do more. This includes a font combination picker, photo collage maker, and color palette tool.

Available on: Browser, iOS, Android

Price : Canva comes with a free trial and a free version. The paid plan starts from $ 12.99 per month.

10. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is considered to be one of the best software tools for 3D work. It offers a number of features and tools such as reshaping, rendering, and animation to cover the entire 3D workflow. An advanced tool, it’s not for beginners who will need a steep learning curve before they start using it.

Available on: Windows, macOS

Price : It costs $ 215 per month.

11. Brilliantly

Genially makes it easy to visualize data. A powerful graphic design tool for creating presentations, infographics, and quizzes, Genially is especially useful for busy users on the go.

Available on: Navigator

Price : The plan starts at $ 9.90 per month.

12. Photographic landscape

If you are looking for a good photo editing tool, Photoscape is probably one of the best options. With a range of filters and effects, you can use this free image editing software to enhance images. You can also use it to create slideshows, work on animated GIFs, and convert RAW images.

With its self-explanatory features and options, Photoscape is one of the best editing tools for beginners.

Available on: Mac, Windows

Which paid app is best for graphic design?

Adobe Photoshop with its full range of features and customization options is by far the highest paid application for graphic design. This has been the industry standard for many years and continues to update the tool to provide the latest features to users.

Which free app is best for graphic design?

Pixlr X is the best free tool for graphic design. The best thing about this app is its user-friendly features. This is especially useful for beginners who are looking for the right graphic design software to edit images.

Image: Adobe

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